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Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE is a financing option that allows property owners to make improvements to their property pertaining to energy conservation, energy efficiency and wind-hardening. The program enables the property owner to pay back the financed amount on their annual property tax bill. 

PACE allows a property owner to utilize the equity or value built-up over time from their original ownership date to serve as the main basis for the extension of credit. It is important that property owners fully understand all of their financing options to determine if PACE financing is the right option. 

Using a PACE financing option means a property owner agrees to the program terms for financing, and repayment through a non-ad valorem special assessment added to their annual property tax bill. 

Read our PACE Basics to learn more about using PACE as a financing option. 

PACE Assessments 
PACE financing is a non-ad valorem voluntary special assessment for an improvement on the property. Payments for this form of financing are made through the property tax bill. Should a sale of the property with a PACE assessment occur, the PACE assessment obligation may either stay with the property or the new property owner lender determines if pre-payment is required.
Property owners can pre-pay the PACE assessment at any time either in full or in a minimum amount of $2500. In some cases a mortgage company may require full pay off prior to selling or refinancing the property.  Contact the PACE Administrator directly to discuss early payoff of your assessment.
Qualifying Improvements ​for PACE Financing
Please contact the individual PACE Program Administrators for their list of qualifying improvements they finance. The three major areas of improvement that are included in Florida Statute pertain to energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, and wind resistance. Permanent improvements that qualify are items such as roofing, heating and cooling, impact resistant windows and doors, hurricane shutters or sealing and insulation. 
Please use the link below for contact information to our FDFC Approved PACE Program Administrators. 
FDFC Approved PACE Program Administrators