All requests for prepayments must be submitted online using the Prepayment Request Form below.  All requests are processed within three to five business days, there is an option on the submission form for an "expedited" request. Upon submission and processing an official prepayment request document will be attached as a .pdf and sent via email to the "Requested by Email" address submitted on the form. The .pdf document will include information on the prepayment amount, valid through dates and instructions for sending the payment. The two methods of payment are via bank wire transfer or check. Following any payments received an email will be sent as confirmation of payment. 


The following request form is only to be used for FL HERO Program Assessments with the Florida Resiliency and Energy District and have a Financing ID's that begin with FL. A processing fee will be collected per prepayment at the time of form submission. 

If you need assistance submitting this request please call our PACE Support line 888-338-3578, Option 9 during our operating hours of 8:00AM  and 4:30pm, Monday - Friday (except holidays) or send an email to to schedule a call back. 


Payoff Request


Payoff processing includes two documents:

  1. Payoff Payment Request; Payment Instructions and account information. 

  2. Satisfaction of Assessment; Document recorded with the county to release the lien from the property after reconciliation of full payment.


Processing Options:

  • Standard: Processed within 3 to 5 business days require a $50 fee. 

  • Expedited: Processed within 2 business days, excluding holidays require a $70 fee.


Paydown Request


Paydown processing includes two documents:

  1. Paydown Payment Request; Payment instructions and account information. 

  2. Estimated schedule of annual assessment installments; Outlines the paydown reduction of principal and interest along with the estimated schedule of new annual payments that will be posted on the property tax bill.

  • Standard processed within 3 to 5 business days require a $25 fee.


SECURE PAYMENT of fees are processed by iATS. Payment processing by iATS provides an encrypted, secure connection between your web browser and a web server. 

Accepted form of payments: 

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover