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Project Financing

The Florida Development Finance Corporation [FDFC] provides access to tax-exempt bond financing through Private Activity Bonds and Taxable Bonds. Our team can collaborate and help determine the financing options that would best fit your  project needs. 

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing  

Private Activity Bonds are a form of Tax-exempt bonds are issued and sold by a governmental entity, the “issuer” (such as the FDFC). The bonds are purchased by a bank or investor(s). The proceeds from the sale of the bonds are then loaned to the entity, which uses the borrowed funds to finance certain capital projects. The interest on the bonds received by the investor is exempt from federal income tax. Tax-Exempt Bond Financing refers to the interest that investors receive on the bonds.

Taxable Bonds

A Taxable Bond is free from most of the requirements and restrictions applied to  Private Activity Bonds. 

Electrical Construction Plans

Next Steps

Wooden Boards

Connect with us

Our goal is to connect Florida Projects, here are immediate next steps to start the process: 

  • Determine capital needs. 

  • Create a financial model.

    • Determine how much debt can be supported with cashflows. 

  • Engage a financing team. 

    • Team should include a

      • Financial Advisor or Investment Banker

      • Bond Counsel

      • Corporate Counsel

      • Trustee

Connect with our office to discuss your project further and learn more.


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