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Taxable Bonds

The Florida Development Finance Corporation [FDFC] provides access to taxable Bonds as an alternative to Private Activity Bonds. A Taxable Bond is free from most of the requirements and restrictions applied to  Private Activity Bonds. 

Combining Taxable Bonds with Private Activity Bonds

  • In the event a project would not meet the requirements of a Private Activity Bond, a combination of a Private Activity Bond and a Taxable Bond might be used to finance the whole project. 

Financing Options

  • Projects that do not meet the requirements of a Private Activity Bonds can use Taxable Bonds as an alternative for project financing. 


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Eligible Borrowers

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Connect with us

Connect with our office to discuss your project further and learn more.


Minimum Requirements: 

  • Be a US-based company. 

  • Be registered to do business in Florida. 

  • Be able to meet a minimum of 3 years of operating history.

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