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Renewable Energy

The Florida Development Finance Corporation [FDFC] provides access to tax-exempt and taxable bond financing for eligible projects that promotes renewable energy as defined in FL Statute 288.9606 (7). 

Renewable Energy Defined 

Florida Statute 288.9606 (7) defines renewable energy in s. 366.91 or s 377.803


New tree growing

Eligible Borrowers

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing

Taxable Bond Financing 

The meaningful benefits of Tax-Exempt Bond Financing: 

  • Lower Rates

    • Tax-exempt bonds generally offer lower interest rates because banks and investors are willing to accept a lower interest rate when they do not have to pay tax on the interest they receive on the bonds. 

  • Longer Terms

    • The FDFC is able to offer terms up to 35 years. 

366.91 Renewable Energy: 

  • Biogas

  • Biomass

  • Customer-owned renewable generation

  • Net Metering

  • Renewable natural gas

377.803 Renewable Energy Definition Includes: 

  • Geothermal energy

  • Wind energy

  • Ocean energy

  • Waste heat

  • Hydroelectric power

Electrical Construction Plans

Next Steps

Wooden Boards

Connect with us

Our goal is to connect Florida Projects, here are immediate next steps to start the process: 

  • Determine capital needs. 

  • Create a financial model.

    • Determine how much debt can be supported with cashflows. 

  • Engage a financing team. 

    • Team should include a

      • Financial Advisor or Investment Banker

      • Bond Counsel

      • Corporate Counsel

      • Trustee

Connect with our office to discuss your project further and learn more.


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